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Welcome To The Atlantic City Diaries


Hello and welcome!  Presented, fresh for 2016, is the new home of the Atlantic City Diaries!  Here’s just a couple questions to get new and old readers re-acquainted with the site:

What are the Atlantic City Diaries?

The Atlantic City Diaries are blog posts about my drunken misadventures in Atlantic City.  As I am not local, nor a high-roller, nor a senior citizen, I usually have to find an excuse to go down to the lost city of Atlantic.  So, these trips to AC often include review of concerts, comedy shows, beerfests, and bachelor parties.  I do not regularly know when I will be going to Atlantic City, and it may be months between articles, so it is best to become a follower of the blog.

What are the “old” AC Diaries?

Since 2012, my friend Keith graciously hosted and contributed to my old articles.  Below is a list of all previous trips:

Chapter 1: Back to Basics
Chapter 2: Orion Music Festival
Chapter 3: The All-Nighter
Chapter 4: Summerland at the Revel
Chapter 5: Louis CK at Trump Taj Mahal
Chapter 6: How I Do AC
Chapter 7: The Anti-Social Comedy Tour
Chapter 8: AC vs. Las Vegas
Chapter 9: Third Eye Blind at Caesar’s
Chapter 10: The Bachelorette Goes to AC
Chapter 11: Arbitrary Sin
Chapter 12: The Killers at Borgata
Chapter 13: The Atlantic City Marathon
Chapter 14: Cheap Trick at Harrah’s
Chapter 15: Every Casino in Atlantic City.  In One Night.
Chapter 16: The April Fool’s 7K
Chapter 17: The Last Days of Showboat
Chapter 18: Arbitrary Summer Fun
Chapter 19: The Altantic City 10K
Chapter 20: The Atlantic City Beerfest
Chapter 21: Atlantic City Boardwalk Con
Chapter 22: The Bachelor Party
Chapter 23: Norm MacDonald at Harrah’s

What are the “new” AC Diaries?

Other than the new URL, hopefully not much.  I just thought it would be easier for people to find this URL than  That’s all.

Thanks for reading, and let’s see what this new format brings!