Beerfest, 2019

I’ve always said that if I could only go to Atlantic City one day a year, it would be for the Atlantic City Beerfest.  And, with my growing family, it perhaps might be the true for 2019.  This was my fourth time in five years going to the Beerfest, and I am running out of ways to sing its praises.  I’ve recounted my favorite Beerfest moments, I’ve given advice for Beerfest beginners, and I’ve…written whatever this was.  This year, however, it felt different.  In almost every other year, I felt like I was missing out on something.  I was craving more.  In 2019, however, something changed.  I felt…satisfied.  I felt…comfortable.  The Beerfest wasn’t the madcap chase for beer samples and brewery stickers.  It felt like visiting an old friend.  Some breweries were the same, some had changed, but it was still the same Beerfest I knew and loved.  So, rather than give advice, or recap wild antics, here’s just some beautifully blurry photos from this year’s activities.

This year’s featured activity was Beerfest Bingo.  While I was successful in get my bingo ticket fully punched, I must confess: I didn’t finish every sample.  Sorry purists, I hate me, too.

This year’s companion was Keith, of the legendarily inactive blog  Say hi, Keith!


Here’s a small smattering of the other Beerfest offerings in 2019: free pinball, beerpong with garbage cans, and a comedian roasting people as they went to the bathroom.  The only one we didn’t participate in was the giant beerpong – remind me in 12 months.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Beerfest without the beers.  It was a top notch performance by every brewery this year (yes, even you, one non-alcoholic brewery this year that was fighting the good fight).  As there are no further Atlantic City trips on my radar, the Beerfest did its job, and I got to leave on a high note.  The countdown to 2020 begins….now.

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